I'am David Wilk.

Car wrap installer,

About me

I'am in love with wrapping - everything.

I have been wrapping cars for over 7 years. My work with vinyl quickly turned into a passion that gives me a lot of fun. It is an industry what constantly evolving (new materials and techniques of their application). That is why I improve my qualifications by participating in professional seminars and trainings. I know that my experience and knowledge will help you and your company!


What I do.

I cover everything. From shop windows, boards or car fleets, by changing the color of the car, to the protective film. I feel incredible pleasure from that work.

Advertisign wrapping

I specialize in wrapping vehicles, but I am familiar with all kinds of advertising. I am of the opinion that advertising wrapping should not depart from the quality of color change. Aesthetic edge finish, well-drawn corners are the basis!

Color change by vinyl

Changing the color gives unlimited possibilities to modify the appearance of the car. It doesn't have to be a change in body color, it can be stripes, styling, or something special - just to make the car an individual vehicle.

Paint Protection Film PPF

Car paint protection films are a hit to the ten. More and more people are starting to take care of their four wheels and want them to look as if they have just left the salon. This is what PPF foil guarantees!


I am a designer by profession, I have extensive experience in advertising design, car styling, but also ordinary business cards or leaflets. The combination of my experience allows me to create completely new projects on cars!


Everything I'm proud of.

Each project is different, although sometimes they are fleets and they all look the same. Each car has different problems and it is their solution that gives the greatest satisfaction.

BMW 5 2019

Samochód oryginalnie miał srebrny lakier, został oklejony wraz z wnękami folią z palety Avery SWF - Dark Gloss Gray.

Tesla Model 3

Samochód oklejony dość specyficznie, ponieważ z oryginalny lakier to biała perła, klient jednak chciał mieć po prostu biały błyszczący z czarnymi satynowymi elementami

Audi A5

Samochód świeżo odebrany z salonu, dzięki folii PPF na przedzie samochodu nie groźne mu żadne odpryski.

Flota samochodów Certego

Na białej flocie klienta zostały oklejone pomarańczowe elementy, które od razu wyróżniają daną markę na ulicach.

Mercedes Vito

Kolor samochodu został zmieniony na matowy metalik z Avery SWF - Charcoal.

Flota samochodów mitie

Flota najpierw została oklejona na srebrno, a na to dopiero przyszły cięte loga i napis.

Mercedes AMG GT63s

Oryginalnie matowy lakier samochodu został w całości zabezpieczony matową folią ochronną.

Flota samochodów Mr. Cleaner

Flota dla sklepu z akcesoriami detailingowymi.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Całkowita zmiana koloru samochodu z czarnego na Carmine Red z palety Avery SWF.

Tesla Model 3

Zmiana koloru samochodu z niebieskiego błyszczącegom na matowy wraz z matową czarną folią na chromach oraz przyciemnionymi lampami tylnymi.


I'm here to help!.

As a freelancer, I wants to help in the implementation of difficult projects that You would'nt have taken himself. I want this wrapping industry still to grow, and me with it. Write what I can help you with and I will do my best to make your client happy!

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